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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Working life!!!

Sorry friends, its been sum time since i had blog..Actually was kinda busy wit my stuffs and sudenlly a friend of my insisted me of blogging.. So wen i was tinkin wat to write so i guess i can talk bout working life..

To talk bout working life.. First i wana tell bout my past experiences of working life and then talk bout te current one..

After i had completed my form 6 was te 1st time i was lookin for a temporary job.. I was lookin for job with ashok. We had made our mind that we would work in a company and nt as a promoter or salesperson in malls or shops in fear tat ppl might identify us..

I was very choosy when i was lookin for te job..Hehe..Actually i wasnt choosy over te work bt i was choosy of the company that we work on.. I went sending applications to companies like DELL, SONY, MATTEL, PANASONIC.. We were not called for any of te companies at 1st, so ashok was lik "Dae cum lar juz join any company..Cha see there 'Tokai Company, operators needed'..Jom cha apply n c".. N i was lik.."Cha...plzzz...Tokaiii...Wat a name..Cha, if our frens ask us where we workin..u wana say ur workin at Tokai ar..Cha, if u say lik Sony, Dell...baru ada gaya cha"...Ashok replied.." Cha, whr u work also..ur work is juz operator cha..Nt engineer cha..Gaji tetap xlepas rm600.00"...I replied "Cha...apa kerja pun, gaya kena ada cha"...

Thn after sumtime, we had a call from DELL Computers...Fuhh, excited d me n ashok..Actualy, nt only us were called bt alot of my friends..Ashok, Naress, Myself, Prakash, Kavindran, Deeban and Baby (A guy fren of mine, im nt a gay to call him baby bt since small tats wat we call him)..

All of us were selected and we were placed in Destop manufacturing deparment. All of us were placed in different destop setup place. Now i will explain how a Dell Destop computer is made and whr my friends were placed..

1st part is empty desktop will be placed on te convaiyer.. Te desktop varies..Sum are small and sum and big n heavy. Ashok was placed here and tis work cn be considered as one of te most difficult work.

second would be the desktop

to be continue....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

Is this post bout boosting myself..Ok wateva it is..Lets b frank...
Te 9 truth or facts bout myself...

FACT 1 : I enjoy activities involving primary school children...

Since young, i love giving a helping hand..Let b an activity during school or university. Involving in such program and activities though me alot and make me a better person all the time. This the best way of learning the art of life, I believe. So i never complained or feel it hard to do programs although i go thru lots of hassle.:)

FACT 2: I love my friends...

I do have lots of friends. Actually,they are many kind of them. Variety of friends..Educated, loyal, backstabber, loving, friends with benefit...All kind..N thank god i was able to read them well and judge them equally cuz the most dangerous out of them are the type " Friends with benefits". I so so so hate this kind of ppl..Call them shit of this community. Wat so ever,im cleaning my list by throwing away this kind of trash out of my side..:)

FACT 3 : Reading is cool...

This is sumting unpredictable that i love doing.. Actually, reading star newspaper, indian cinema online are the only stuff i read but guess wat..I found an author that was able to trigger my interest on reading..He is none other than Robert T. Kiyosaki. Such a great writter, for those who do not known him..Go and get his book on " Rich Dad, Poor Dad"..He talks on financiance and management so well till he changed my lifestyle to be a better finance management..Im currently following his other books right now..

FACT 4: My passion is becoming a businessman not an Engineer...

As my years passed by in school of engineering at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia. Its sad to noe that i actually love knowing but business study rather than engineering. I prefer to learn about finance, accounts, management, stocks, loans and etc etc rather than stupid finite element, material selection, maths 1,2 & 3 which i dun c its benefits for my future..Damm, its never too late..Plan to do masters in MBA..:-)

FACT 5: I dowan to be a politician but wana b a well known NGO President..

This is to those who thinks im super interested in becoming a well known Politician and wants to be famous. I dont need popularity over here as i feel only cheap people look for it. A high and determined vission people dun luk for fame as it will find its own way to them.. So do wat u think is right and make sure it doesnt bother others.. Be confident and god's grace will be there.

FACT 6: I love risk...

Im so proud to have this skill.. I dono how well i posses it but i totally brave enough than my other friends in making wild decisions. This is the only gud quality that many malaysian indian lacks. Most of us alwiz after secure job, secure life and likes to get trapped in a secured world. But actually its not a secured at all cuz its a trapped that was created by our very own goverment so that you will keep paying tax..I think, u think im crazy..but this is a unseen truth..:)

FACT 7 : I love gym

Hahahaha...Ok ok..Dun b shock... I noe..its sumting not at all bout me..But its true..I love going to the gym but actually its been 2 years still i stop cuz my useless university closed down the gym for renovation for 2 damm years..2 years back i used to have gud shaped body..Oklar nt like surya but i had a Ok look chest and shoulder..Love it wen i dun wear my shirt and walk around my hostels..Many will juz stare at my chest..hahaha..Surely will go gym ones im out of parit raja..:)

FACT 8 : I cant wait to be back home (PENANG)

This is a very true fact how im feeling right now.. I so so so wana go back home..Wana c my mom n dad.. Nalini & her family...My true friends... My sweet rat complex...My chai leng park & its food...My pelita nasi kandar... My batu grace kids...Muahhxxx...Penang is heavennnnn!!!!!

FACT 9 : I wana earn...

I so so so wana go work and start earning...I juz cant wait to b back penang and plan my future...
Cant talk bout tis...Will prove it soon...Machaaaa...jommm laburrrrr....:))))

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

Alryte..I dowan to make this part common so im not gona bout people the people that you think i would... Let me refresh back some of my lost friends and my family members..:))

1) Sharon Kaur (Elder Brothers Wife) - I would like congratulate her as she would be delivering her 1st child in Australia. Its gona be though for her and i would pray that she would go through smooth delivery. Wahh im gona be Chittapa cool...:))

2) Sasmitha - I dono why but i been missing you gal for the past few months. I so wanted to be your guardian by alwiz keep you connected and make sure your needs are taken off properly and you do well in your exam. I rely hope could meet you soon gal..Luv u lots..:)

3) Saravanan- Bro missing your presence back here in pintas. The house is no more like how it was when you were here. Miss you bro.. Lets do a reunion soon..:))

4)Kanchana- Budak high school..So many memories we had together during our school life.. Its super awesome.. Bold, egoistic, independent but with a soft hearth gal.. Wish you all the best in life gal..And remember your still my best friend although we have lost contact..:))

5)Ho pey pey- Awww..I miss this galll!!!..My sweet penolong ketua tingkatan for like 4 years..Hahaha..We been super gud friends.. We celebrate birthday together and i like to suprise you and make jokes...Miss you gal..Your truely my best chinese fren ever!!!..

6) Karen Chitti- Chitti bila nak balik malaysia nie.. I miss you lar, i miss those days where we used to sembang berjam jam dalam bilik until none no1 would scold us cuz u b with us.. We would gossip and you would share everyting you noe.. I rely admire you so much..Your advice is so damm cool and you were the very same chitti although u had moved to America..Your still down to earthh..You are awesome chitti..Luv u lots..:))

7)Nicholas- Hey cha...How are you dae??..My brother from another mother.. Damm so long d since i meet this guy..Super busy d lar this man now..working in kl all d..Dono gt gf d i think now.. Dae no matter wat..You are still my best friend and i will alwiz treasure you forever in my life cha..Luv u dae..:))

8)Prakash Prabagaran- My broo..Garang tau abang nie..But hati dia paling bersih..Trust me.. He ada alot quality that many of us lacks.. TRUST, LOYAL and DISCIPLINE...He owns all this 3 things.. Lots learn from him.. Bro, cepat turun kasi pintas lar..:))

9)Sunther- Hey bro.. I kinda miss you too.. My sweet brother who alwiz keep me boost with your art design.. Your brialliant bro..Im sure your going places.. So wana meet u soon..Turun kasi penang cepat k.:))

10) Rajewi Ratha Krishnan- My sweet sister..My leadership are you ka??.ada anak d ke..So long d,din c u..More than 2years..Sure you gt kid d by now..1..2??..hehe..Hope you have a wonderfull life with your love ones ka..:))

10 Days Challenge :)

A new one :)

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.
Day Ten: One confession

This doesn't look easy.. Sum issues are kinda sensitive to be talk about..Niway, its k..i will try to complete them...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them?

Hahaha...Tis is interesting...

I do have lots of nicknames..Will start from my parents

Dad calls me " Karuva Payilee"...Which means dark boy..

Na,dun misunderstand..He calls me tat wit luv and onli mum n dad is allowed 2do so..:)

Thn wen i was in primary school, 1of my classmates during my standard 6 calls me
I couldnt recall her name bt tats wat she calls me and tats the most famous nickname tat i ever had...

God, every single fren of mine noes bout it and till now still many of my close childhood budies calls me tat..

They say i got a big nose lik kambing and i senyum kambing alot..Hahaha..laztime it annoys me wen ppl call me tat..Bt now i feel more attached and close BT tis doesnt meant te new1s can call me by tis out!!!

Thn wen i was in Lower Six, Ppl start callin me Edwin Mc...I got tis name wen Youth Mc was famous in Bm High School.. Many still recognize me as Edwin Mc till now..

Wen i entered University, Every1 noes me by the name EDDY..

I guess this are the onli names that i could remember for now...:)

please comment if i miss out any of my nicknames..;p

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have.

This is difficult...Emm...wat to say..

I dowan to talk bout any of tis until i achieve 1...i dono i got no plan to share bout tis..

We skip tis part k..:)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Back to 30 days challenge!!!...

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why?

Emm, thinking bout switching...I have few people in mind...But will go with tis guy for today..

Its gona be Venkat Prabu.
Well for those who dont know bout him. Here goes sum facts bout him
Yea he is film maker. Up to date he has director 3 blockbuster movies which is

Now im gona tell u why i lik tis guy.. Well if u c all his movies.He alwiz uses his frens to be the leading cast. He creates stories for youths and with catchy dialogues. His picturisation nor his scenes and very similar to our daily life chores. The best part of all his movies is that all his movies are in comical style and he actually directs the characters to their own personality when they act. Like for an example chennai 600028, all the characters have equal scenes and non of them tend to lead each others. We could see lots of friendship and the way the story was told is different theme which is cricket.And the way the movies ends was more than perfect.Great work by him for a debutant movie.The background music by his brother Premji Amaran needs special mention over here cause it was very gud and unique.. The gud music by his cousin and close friend Yuvan ShankarRaja makes his movie racy and cool.

I luv his Goa movie alot. The movie was shoot at Goa and Langkawi. Its a true holiday movie with the cast juz having parties and enjoying them self at the beach. He had also introduce gay luv in te movie which is the 1st time in tamil movie history.The story was simple with lots of humor. Juz imaging going for holiday and making money for that. Thats how venkat does. He goes langkawi to shoot at resorts, pubs, cafe and at the same time he could enjoy the party wit all his cast where they are his close friends.And the best part is all the money are pumped by his producer..Doesn't that sounds cool..Wish could do that with all my Youth Mc kaigels..hehe..
So thats y i wana switch with him mayb ones...:)