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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Working life!!!

Sorry friends, its been sum time since i had blog..Actually was kinda busy wit my stuffs and sudenlly a friend of my insisted me of blogging.. So wen i was tinkin wat to write so i guess i can talk bout working life..

To talk bout working life.. First i wana tell bout my past experiences of working life and then talk bout te current one..

After i had completed my form 6 was te 1st time i was lookin for a temporary job.. I was lookin for job with ashok. We had made our mind that we would work in a company and nt as a promoter or salesperson in malls or shops in fear tat ppl might identify us..

I was very choosy when i was lookin for te job..Hehe..Actually i wasnt choosy over te work bt i was choosy of the company that we work on.. I went sending applications to companies like DELL, SONY, MATTEL, PANASONIC.. We were not called for any of te companies at 1st, so ashok was lik "Dae cum lar juz join any company..Cha see there 'Tokai Company, operators needed'..Jom cha apply n c".. N i was lik.."Cha...plzzz...Tokaiii...Wat a name..Cha, if our frens ask us where we workin..u wana say ur workin at Tokai ar..Cha, if u say lik Sony, Dell...baru ada gaya cha"...Ashok replied.." Cha, whr u work also..ur work is juz operator cha..Nt engineer cha..Gaji tetap xlepas rm600.00"...I replied "Cha...apa kerja pun, gaya kena ada cha"...

Thn after sumtime, we had a call from DELL Computers...Fuhh, excited d me n ashok..Actualy, nt only us were called bt alot of my friends..Ashok, Naress, Myself, Prakash, Kavindran, Deeban and Baby (A guy fren of mine, im nt a gay to call him baby bt since small tats wat we call him)..

All of us were selected and we were placed in Destop manufacturing deparment. All of us were placed in different destop setup place. Now i will explain how a Dell Destop computer is made and whr my friends were placed..

1st part is empty desktop will be placed on te convaiyer.. Te desktop varies..Sum are small and sum and big n heavy. Ashok was placed here and tis work cn be considered as one of te most difficult work.

second would be the desktop

to be continue....